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About RST Visions

How it all began…

RST Visions In Color was created when Radiant Source Technology Inc. acquired Visions in Color in September 2012. Both companies were leading suppliers in their own fields, coming together to increase their market share and meet every specialty and general lighting need for there customers. Radiant Source Technology was founded in January 2005 and their primary focus was in the Semiconductor, Medical, Scientific, PCB, Water Treatment, Solar and Aquamarine fields. Radiant Source Technology was located in Northern California. Visions In Color was a premier entertainment lighting supplier located in Burbank, CA. Since Visions in Color was right around the corner from Hollywood, they have been servicing the stage and studio industry since 1978.

When the companies combined in 2012 the name “RST Visions In Color” was formed. Since Visions in Color was located in the heart of the world’s entertainment capital, Radiant Source Technology moved from Northern California to Burbank. This is the primary distribution center and location for both of the company’s bare lamps and fixtures. The combined company has much broader market coverage for a wide range of lamps all together. The acquisition has allowed both entities to come together forming a “One stop shop” for all types of lighting needs.

RST Visions In Color is a veteran/minority owned company. We are members of the SBA, Southern California Supplier Development Council, and National Minority Supplier Development Council. Our broad spectrum of product and technical knowledge we will be able to assist you in every aspect of your lighting needs. In our 10,000 sqft location, we carry most of the lighting industries leading manufacturers with plenty of inventory to fulfill your every need. We are committed to our customers and their applications and are confident we can assist them in every area of their lighting needs.